Catford Undertrack Crossing

Due to the reconstruction of intersection bridge CAT 476, Frankham were appointed to carry out the design of a new Undertrack Track Crossing (UTX) crossing and elevated trough route to permanently divert existing service cables.

This was the preferred method for managing the S&T and Level 3 cables located in the cess. The use of a permanent UTX diversion had a number of additional benefits when compared
to providing a temporary cable bridge, which included cost efficiencies and reduction in possession activities.

The works, which were in accordance with Network Rail’s standard Planning, Design and Construction of Undertrack Crossings (NR/L2/CIV/044), utilised an open cut installation method.

Due to constraints dictated by the standard and site, it was not possible to install the UTX using benching or battering. Temporary works were instead utilised to achieve the open cut installation method using a proprietary system (Fig. 2). The new UTX passes from cess to cess and connects to new inspection chambers to allow several cables to be carried.


Civil Engineering