London Victoria Structural Assessment

As part of Network Rail’s process for safeguarding the railway, structural assessments of assets are undertaken periodically to preserve and protect this heritage, while ensuring the safety and integrity of the station for future generations. London Victoria Station is a gateway for millions of tourists and commuters annually, facilitating access to iconic attractions like Buckingham Palace, and major transport links such as London Underground and Victoria Coach station.

The station was built in two halves in the 19th century by rival railway companies, and is an example of Victorian infrastructure that has survived two World Wars. The Western, or ‘Brighton side’ of the station, rebuilt in 1898-1908, was integrated under Southern Railway in 1923, into the London Victoria we know today.

The IFA collated visual and measured data using tactile inspections via Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) and drone surveys, which informed both the condition report to support Network Rail’s maintenance plans, and the Level 1 assessment. The Level 1 Structural Assessment comprised analysing two dimensional (2-D), elastic models of the roof and calculating the utilisation of the members.

Network Rail

Inspection for Assessment
Drone Survey
Level 1 Structural Assessment
STE5 & STE2 competency Engineering assurance: CRE (Assessment) competency