Milkwood Road

This project comprised the provision of 42 new homes constructed with a mix of eight for affordable rent and 34 shared ownership properties, on a site located at Milkwood Road in Herne Hill, London for Peabody Estates. The brief was to provide economic sustainable homes suitable for the 21st Century.

Milkwood Road was an extremely compressed site, situated approximately 250m from Herne Hill Station on a wedge shaped piece of land, bounded by a rail line directly adjacent to the western boundary and a road on the eastern boundary.

The severe restrictions placed on space had a strong influence on the services strategy provided by Frankham. By locating the utility meters at the entrance to each unit we were able to significantly reduced the space required for gas and water risers, in comparison to what would have been required if the meters had been located in a central meter cupboard at ground floor level. This resulted in optimum use of the floor space and maximisation of the number of units. This arrangement also had a beneficial effect on the arrangement and disposition of the unit layouts.

Peabody Trust

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering