Seal Sands Jetty Inspections

Frankham Consultancy Group were commissioned by Navigator Terminals to complete structural inspections of three jetties and their associated revetment wall at Seal Sands on the River Tees.

Following the inspections, our maritime team prepared condition reports with recommended remedial repairs presented in a low/medium/high risk schedule and were accompanied by defect location sketches.

In advance of the inspection works, the following activities were completed to aid the effectiveness of the time spent on-site:

  • A desktop site reconnaissance visits via satellite imagery
  • Preparation of base drawings of the marine assets (based on as-builtdrawings provided by the client).
  • Review of existing data, as built and previous inspection records.

COVID-19 presented us with a significant challenge. Typically, a two-person inspection team plus a boatman and deckhand would be used to complete a jetty inspection. To maintain social distancing practices between the inspector and access vessel operatives, a lone inspection engineer worked with the boatman.

Navigator Terminals

Maritime Engineering