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Civil Engineering

Frankham Civil Engineering was established in 1996 with the Acquisition of the Gibbs Webster Partnership. The department has gone from strength to strength with a portfolio of projects ranging from Maritime, Highways & Land, and Rail environments.

With a focus on structures the team today has core strengths that include inspection, examination, assessment, feasibility and optioneering, design and asset management. This includes, jetties, dockside structures, bridges, stations, buildings, retaining walls and essentially most forms of built infrastructure and facilities in the UK. Essentially all the services that clients need starting at concept through detailed design, construction and asset management, operation and demolition. If structural failures occur then we undertake Forensic Engineering and expert witness services to the legal sector and other clients as part of the departments capability.

Asset Management is at the heart of what the department does for its clients looking after them and their assets for the whole life of the installation and onto the demolition and renewal of new assets.

Market Sectors