Station Road Bridge Replacement Works

Transport plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Haringey is one of London’s best-connected boroughs and the transport network is used by residents, businesses and by people from across the city and beyond; either passing through or interchanging at a station or bus stop.

Our client’s aim was to ensure that Haringey has a high quality, resilient highway network and a reliable public transport system that everyone can access. In line with their Corporate Plan priorities, they invested £2.1m into a bridge replacement project. The aim accorded with Frankham Consultancy Groups (FCG) in that we use our work to make people’s lives better. The project was to go towards improving the overall quality of the road network and encouraging walking and cycling.

The existing bridge structure in Station Road over the New River, N22, located between Park Avenue and Mayes Road was identified to have a routine inspection and assessment. Frankham Consultancy Group (FCG), being part of the supply chain on the technical services framework for Hackney, were asked to undertake an assessment of the structure for highway loading. An Inspection for Assessment was undertaken and an Assessment. These identified that the structure had passed its design life, as such London Borough of Haringey (LBH) decided in 2015 to progress with the bridge replacement option as a long-term solution.

FCG having already undertaken the Assessment were asked to provide some feasibility work and determined a solution for a replacement deck on existing foundations. New bearing shelves were designed with associated bridge bearings.

In addition, we provided services to provide a design and advice for the services diversions, traffic management and temporary works, including a temporary bridge. We also acted as designer and Principal Designer for the project under CDM, including advice and support to the site team.

Frankham provided end-to-end inspection, assessment and replacement design for this structure. The are all services that we are expert in undertaking. Very often we can assess bridges and structures and provide strengthening designs that further extend the life of the asset. This reduces waste and improves our clients carbon footprint and environmental and sustainability targets.

In order for the client to tender the works for construction FCG were asked to provide design services and Principal Designer duties. This included further investigation, reviewing the construction sequence and undertaking statutory services searches. We advised on the temporary and permanent diversions of services carried over the bridge along Station Road.

We looked at phasing of the deck replacement in combination with the proposed deck solution. This needed the old deck to be removed and the new one installed. The traffic management and temporary containment design were designed and drawn out. The first phase was to remove one half of the bridge with traffic being carried over the old deck in a single lane, under traffic light control, with temporary barriers providing the containment. Once the deck was removed then a temporary Bailey bridge was installed. The second half of the old deck was removed and the new deck installed and so on.

FCG provided support to the site team from Haringey who were managing the contractor on site. We dealt with any technical queries and made site visits to review the work being undertaken. Once the bridge was successfully reopened to traffic the FCG Principal Designer ensured that the health and safety file was created and handed over to the client.

London Borough of Haringey

Civil Engineering
Principal Designer